landlords / partners

We are actively seeking new contracts with local authorities to expand our network of roadside shelters across the UK in return for exclusive advertising rights.

The management team have worked with local authorities throughout the UK for many years through the design, manufacture, installation, maintenance & cleaning of shelters. We understand the importance of the infrastructure to our clients and the need to improve the public realm and passenger experience to sustain and grow public transport use.

Our unique position within this space makes us the first business to design, manufacture, install, maintain, clean and sell advertising under the same roof. The advantage this provides both us and our landlords or partners cannot be underestimated. We can tailor specific needs and requirements for bus infrastructure to meet the aspirations of authorities throughout the UK. All infrastructure is designed and manufactured in the UK, where the business has full control from initial designs to operational running and cleaning following implementation.

We want to provide better than what’s previously been available in every aspect of our service. This not only extends to the product, but the implementation phase and ongoing cleaning and maintenance.

Innovation and development of infrastructure is being pushed to achieve “Smart City” initiatives, but also improving the public realm spaces is an increasing requirement with many town planners. The sustainability of infrastructure and whole life cycle of products needs considering when considering materials and energy both through production but also operationally.

Improving technologies with renewables allow us to provide features such as:

  • Solar illuminated classic 6 sheet paper advertising.
  • Reduced power digital advertising displays.
  • Solar phone charging.
  • WIFI hotspots.
  • Innovative branding and signage for incorporation into wayfinding or marketing strategies.
  • Solar & green-roof hybrid roof options to reduce power, improve biodiversity and assist with SuDS by reducing surface water runoff from shelter roof.
landlords / partners